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Russ Cam Episodes 101-107


January 17, 2014 in Evangelists, RussCam by Russ Fustino

Download the RussCam by ComponentOne Windows Phone app to watch all of these videos and have easy access to the RussCam Daily News, technical videos and more!  If you don’t have a Windows Phone, see all the Russ Cam …

ComponentOne to sponsor SQL Saturday 192 in Tampa


February 25, 2013 in ActiveAnalysis, Evangelists, RussCam, Windows 8, WinRT XAML by Russ Fustino

Yet another SQL Saturday that ComponentOne joins forces with this unbelievable worldwide event engine, powered by Karla Landrum and the SQL Pass Board. SQL Saturday focuses  on all disciplines of database activity and there are many software developers present as …

C1 RussCam #61 – FVNUG Day of .NET – Part 2


December 14, 2012 in ActiveAnalysis, Evangelists, RussCam by Russ Fustino

Russ Cam™ brings you Part 2 of our series from Appleton, Wisconsin: Fox Valley .NET User Group Day of .NET! First, we hear from Microsoft Cloud Evangelist, Adam Hoffman. Then, Russ has an interesting discussion with John Ptacek, …

Sweet deal 50% savings on ComponentOne PowerSuite. Limited time offer!


December 7, 2012 in ActiveAnalysis, ActiveReports, Announcements, Evangelists, Spread by Russ Fustino

I’m pleased to announce ComponentOne PowerSuite. This new, limited-time offering from ComponentOne gives you three award-winning products in one suite:

  • ActiveReports 7 Professional
  • Spread.NET 6 Professional
  • ActiveAnalysis 2

Through December 31, 2012, get the PowerSuite for only $1,995; that’s …

ActiveAnalysis: Avoid Wait for Server Message after Postback


September 7, 2012 in ASP.NET by abhishekdutta

ActiveAnalysis serves up great data visualization on Windows, Web and Silverlight platforms and hence makes the task of performing analysis seem trivial to end users. Here let’s talk about the Web based scenario.

Most developers use multiple Server Side controls …

ActiveAnalysis : Adding & Viewing Description to a Measure


August 27, 2012 in ActiveAnalysis, WinForms by abhishekdutta

ActiveAnalysis recently released a new public release (build 2.1.827.0) which includes support for Displaying descriptions for Measures. This feature is only applicable when you are using a MDX datasource.

Moving ahead in this blog, we will discuss how …

Strong .NET analytics helps to develop effective business intelligence applications


November 24, 2010 in ActiveAnalysis by Sanjeev Jagtap

An important pre-requisite for developing sophisticated business intelligence applications on Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Forms and ASP.NET is some sort of a .NET analytics component (or framework) that works with multidimensional data and has these key capabilities:

   – Online Analytical Processing …

Using ActiveAnalysis as an OLAP Client for Microsoft Analysis Services


November 17, 2010 in ActiveAnalysis by Sanjeev Jagtap

GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis for Silverlight, Windows Forms and ASP.NET supports Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) OLAP cubes via the built-in MDX Data Source control.

That means you can embed ActiveAnalysis in your Silverlight and .NET applications as a rich, interactive …

What is a Dashboard and how to build a dashboard report


November 12, 2010 in ActiveAnalysis by Sanjeev Jagtap

What is a dashboard report?

Stephen Few offers the most pragmatic definition of a dashboard that cuts through the marketing hype.

A dashboard is a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives; consolidated …

ActiveAnalysis 2 for OLAP, Data Visualization and BI on .NET and Silverlight


October 20, 2010 in ActiveAnalysis by Sanjeev Jagtap

The GrapeCity PowerTools team today announced the release of ActiveAnalysis 2.

The most powerful aspect of ActiveAnalysis is that it not only provides out-of-the-box OLAP, data visualization and business intelligence features, but it also supports all three Microsoft development platforms …




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