unload dimension hierarchy is super slow

  • albert2014 2 years, 8 months ago

    I download the activeanalysis control and add to the page, we are still in testing the control and make sure this is we want.
    We have a problem when I drag dimension hierarchy to rows, only 1st level is working, the others take long time to load.
    like dimension “Customer”:
    Hierarchy “CH”:
    Cust Key
    it is working when I drag the hierarchy “CH” to rows, but I click “Custname”, it shows “………over 1000 rows…….. “, and take long time to load.
    our data is 154568 rows. it is not too much I think.
    any idea?

  • 107p
    SankalpS107p 2 years, 8 months ago


    The warning which you get when you try to display more than 1000 records is due to the inner value set for the PivotView. However you can change it simply by setting the “WarningThreshold” property to a large number. Please check the following link for more information on this property:


    As you drill down the hierarchy, the number of records to be displayed will take some time to render on the pivotview. Could you please let me know how much time are you observing in displaying the values after setting the WarningThreshold property? In addition to this, I would request you to check the suggestions provided at the following link which will help in optimizing ActiveAnalysis performance:



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