GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis 2.1.953.0 Released

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    ShaliniK1p 3 years, 9 months ago

    The latest maintenance release of ActiveAnalysis is available. This release is primarily a service pack including bug fixes.

    The build 2.1.953.0 is now available for download. For the full release notes see the list below.

    171097 – Dragging hierarchies on the shelf is no longer a problem for data sources with the dimension same as dimension name.

    171191 – Fixed the issue where few strings were appearing in English when PivotView was localized in Spanish culture.

    171463 – Fixed some performance issues when dropping a hierarchy with many levels and members on the shelf.

    171806 – Fixed the issue where focus did not move to the last item when ‘End’ key was pressed in the Filter dialog.

    172112 – Fixed the issue where exception was raised on dragging a measure to Row/Column shelf when Marking is set to Text.

    170989 – Fixed the issue where PivotView was not updating the culture information when changing between different cultures.

    171159 – The default focus in Filter dialog is now on Filter text box and made consistent across all platforms.

    171160 – Fixed the issue where the member selections were incorrect when invisible members were loaded in QuickFilter of PivotView.

  • Velociraptor 3 years ago

    I have extracted the installer for release 2.1.953.0

    When I run it I see a dialog box with the message:

    “Product installer ‘Toolbo~1.msi’ could not be located. Setup will now exit.”

    Your assistance would be appreciated.

    My system is running: Windows 8.0 Enterprise 64-bit
    Visual Studio 2012 Pro

    Previous version (9.1.911.0) installed OK.

    Kind regards,


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